Internal Marketing

When Florida personal injury law firm, Farah & Farah decided to implement an internal program to rally employees around some central tenets of the company, they asked for my help. My first copywriting task was bringing the tenets to life in an employee guide I created. I called it "The Farah Fundamentals."

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Next up, bring out the "fun" in fundamentals through an ongoing internal email campaign. I created the Monday Motivator name and also designed a simple logo for starters (Ten West is their address), capping it off by adding "& You" to their company logo as a way of letting employees know they are valued members of the organization. 

Then I began combing the internet for images, videos, quotes, and other elements that could illustrate the tenets in a weekly email I write that is signed by the CEOs. Employees are invited to share thoughts and comments each week on the company's internal platform. I'm proud to say the whole internal marketing campaign is ongoing with a new email sent out to the staff each Monday. I'm proud to say my freelance creative has been very well received!

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