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Web Content

This is just a sampling of the numerous sites I've worked on. My clients come to me to brand and create new websites, manage total or partial site refreshes, or to add new content that echoes their current brand voice. 

Click on an image to visit a site:
Screen Shot 2022-06-22 at 7.17.33 PM.jpg
Olathe Holistic -
Wellness Collective

Olathe Holistic, which brings together several independent practitioners under one roof, needed to establish a brand, brand voice, identity, and messaging to attract new clientele to experience all they have to offer. I was tasked with establishing the tone, crafting the copy, and developing the entire site design for their new website.

Solvative One.jpg
Solvative - Digital Innovators
Familiar opens and does great with word of mouth; then never has the time to hone their brand or push out a consistent message. Adding to the confusion? A name change. Solvative tasked me with conducting a brand review, developing their positioning, brand voice, and messaging; then had me translate that messaging into full web content for their new website.
Screen Shot 2021-05-05 at 6.17.44 PM.jpg
Matching Miracles - Egg Donor Clinic
The client's original website was far from ideal. The content was too general and not representative of their brand. They wanted more robust and totally refreshed content that would accomplish two goals: one, it would feature highly detailed, yet friendly, information for both intended parents and egg donors; and two, it would better reflect the compassion, sensitivity, and affordability that makes their clinic unique in the space.
Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 3.43.46 PM.png
Shannon McKain -
Motivational Speaker
Shannon was seeking to strengthen and expand her personal brand messaging and I was tasked with putting the new approach into words in the form of a brand guide (see sample in Brand Dev). Out of this messaging, I developed web content that conveyed the new messaging, while creating greater brand awareness and promoting her expanded slate of services.
Screen Shot 2021-01-28 at 12.35.39
Dawson & Keenan - Insurance Brokers
Dawson & Keenan has been an insurance provider in the Ontario area for 100+ years. They had lived with an outdated site for too long and wanted a total overhaul that reflected a consistent brand voice and included optimized SEO to attract new customers. I was tasked with developing new content for 35+ detailed pages about their products, services, and more.
Screen Shot 2020-11-03 at 3.10.10 PM.jpg
MCRM - Fertility Clinic
My challenge was to refresh the client's educational content about treatments, processes, and costs. The goal was to not only make the content more robust but to transform difficult and intimidating information into welcoming, conversational copy that matched the client's brand voice and echoed their warm, caring attitude to potential new patients. 
AJ braun.jpg
AJ Braun - Structural Material Fabricators
AJ Braun had lived with an outdated website for a number of years, and wanted to bring their image and their messaging into the 21st century. I was tasked with telling their story and promoting their services in a fresh way that still spoke to their existing customers but would be engaging and relevant to potential customers as well.
SelectQuote - Insurance Brokers
The client, SelectQuote, needed to ramp up their Medicare and Life Insurance websites to become more competitive with these products. My task was to develop all-new SEO-rich web content for both using more consumer-friendly, easier to understand language to describe some very complex concepts and government-regulated information.
Morgan & Haupt - Dental Practice
My challenge was to overhaul the practice's old site which they felt was too generic and impersonal, by doing a complete rewrite and design overhaul that better reflected the practice's very care approach, and also highlighted & explained, in patient-friendly detail, their extensive treatments and capabilities.
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