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"Lynne has been a pleasure to work with the past few years. She has never missed a deadline and is incredibly responsive to all requests. She has done an amazing job with all work that has been passed her way and the clients have been very pleased with the outcome. Lynne is always looking for feedback to make sure she is doing the best job possible. She is at the top of my list when considering a freelancer to work with. I can always count on Lynne when I need quality work done quickly."

- Carly Stein, Senior Director, Project & Delivery

  Attane, Marketing Solutions Agency

"I have worked with Lynne for a number of years, and she is an incredible asset. She's a great writer, always hits her deadlines, and always delivers exactly what I need. When I moved to my current company a few months ago and was given the "green light" to hire a content writer, Lynne was the first person I contacted. She's so professional and I really enjoy working with her."

- Laura Rose, Editor

  The Princeton Review - College Admission Services Company 

"For the last two years, I have had the pleasure of working with Lynne as a content writer for our clients. Lynne shows professionalism when speaking with our clients, is quick to respond to questions or concerns, and is always on time with meeting deadlines. Lynne is an incredible asset for anyone lucky enough to work with her!"

- Megan Feraci, Project Manager

  Fertility Bridge - Reproductive Health Marketing Firm

"Lynne is a delight to work with. She is thoughtful, she cares about the quality of her work, and she meets deadlines without issue. She is open to feedback and collaboration to achieve the best results. I would recommend Lynne."


- Aphra Zimmerman-Holy, Team Lead Content Marketing

  Intrigue Media - Canadian Digital Marketing Agency

"I worked with Lynne at Quartermaster Marketing for over one year. I loved the way Lynne tackled projects and dove into her work. When I opened my own company, Numerical Tree, I knew that I had to work with Lynne again. She asks all the right questions about what is needed for the project. What she delivers is always right on task and exactly what I needed. When I need a writer for my projects, I always go to Lynne first. I recommend her to all my clients."

- Kelly Ziegler, Digital Marketing Strategist

  Numerical Tree - Data Analytics & Marketing Strategy Firm

"I have worked with Lynne for many years and she has enthusiastically taken on any and every project I've given her. Her meticulous attention to detail has enhanced my business credibility. Her creative ideas are always spot on."

- Hildegard McManus, Media Planner & Agency Owner

  Ad Images - Marketing Firm

"I refer to Lynne and her multiple talents as my "Hallmark team." More specifically, her copywriting, interviewing, and project management skills are exceptional. She is very detailed and organized on every creative project. More importantly, she meets deadlines. I have worked with her on multiple projects since 2001. I would consider it an honor to work with her on any project."

- Joy Haverfield, Marketing & Media Director 

  HH&A - Marketing Firm