Challenge: Create a campaign that broadens the customer base for martial arts to include kids and parents who believe their only options for emotional and athletic satisfaction come from traditional sports. 
Solution: Appeal to what moves them to participate in sports in the first place: pure athleticism, emotional satisfaction, and an opportunity for recognized achievement.
Challenge: Create a campaign to help 

active, financially comfortable retirees with the means, health and desire to imagine the life-enhancing adventure of a cruise residence lifestyle.

Solution: Appeal to their sense of adventure and desire (and ability) to enjoy life's most unique experiences without limits.
Challenge: Create an outdoor board that informs drivers this practice treats allergies along with typical ENT medical conditions.
Solution: Be quick, be simple, and be memorable.
Challenge: Encourage customers to think of the client for all of their holiday catering needs.
Solution: Help readers connect the restaurant  to the spirit of the holidays with a memorable image and a play on the name.
Challenge: Encourage men to seek more information and
treatment solutions for a rarely-discussed-in- public condition.
Solution: Use a straightforward, empathetic approach
that will appeal to the male psyche. 
Challenge: Encourage weekend trips to this hardly-known, but charming, Kansas town.
Solution: Appeal to a common desire to return to simpler, quieter times.  
Challenge: Reduce the negativity that surrounded hospitals and health insurance so prevalent at the time.
Solution: Introduce readers to real people and the real medical heroes who changed their lives for the better. 
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