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Back in my ad agency days, print was the primary focus. Today, as a freelance copywriter, the mediums have shifted to mostly digital, but "print" ads, billboards, etc. still have an important place in great campaigns. That makes me happy because I love putting together a solid concept and a compelling headline.
Kicking Boy_The Rush concept.jpg
Challenge: Create a campaign that broadens the customer base for martial arts to include kids and parents who believe their only options for emotional and athletic satisfaction come from traditional sports. 

Solution: Appeal to what moves them to participate in sports in the first place: pure athleticism, emotional satisfaction, and an opportunity for recognized achievement.
Kicking Girl_ No Balls concept.jpg
Open shirt boy_concept.jpg
Medal gratification_concept.jpg
Challenge: Create a campaign to help active, financially comfortable retirees with the means, health and desire to imagine the life-enhancing adventure of a cruise residence lifestyle.
Solution: Appeal to their sense of adventure and desire (and ability) to enjoy life's most unique experiences without limits.
Challenge: Create an outdoor board that informs drivers this practice treats allergies along with typical ENT medical conditions.

Solution: Be quick, be simple, and be memorable.
Challenge: Reach out to targets of every age who are dealing with hearing issues.

Solution: Appeal to the emotional reasons that might encourage each target to think twice about living with hearing loss -- and motivate them to do something about it.
_Strong Silent_ New Health Clinic.jpg
Challenge: Encourage men to seek more information and treatment solutions for a rarely-discussed-in- public condition.

Solution: Use a straightforward, empathetic approach that will appeal to the male psyche. 
Yia Yia Xmas.jpg
Challenge: Encourage customers to think of the client for all of their holiday catering needs.

Solution: Help readers connect the restaurant  to the spirit of the holidays with a memorable image and a play on the name.
Challenge: Introduce teens to a new spa focused specifically on their skin issues.

Solution: Teens care more about how acne makes them feel, rather than the medical reasons behind the cause. These ads appeal to their need to fixes that just make it go away.
Challenge: Help traditional educators and parents understand the unique services that Spectrum provides and why they're important.

Solution: Create a hopeful, positive tone in both images and copy to tell the story of the client's successes.
Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 1.05.50 PM.png
Challenge: Reduce the negativity that surrounded hospitals and health insurance so prevalent at the time.

Solution: Introduce readers to real people and the real medical heroes who changed their lives for the better. 
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